150 years of attention to quality.

The Krago name has been a byword for high-quality fabrics and textiles for more than 150 years. Founded in 1854 as a silk-weaving mill, our family-run business steeped in tradition has grown to become a specialist for decorative ribbons and binding products as well as a host of additional accessories for daily use in the florist industry.

The KragoART collection is a leader particularly in the funeral and sympathy florist sector. Our floral ribbon and wreath ribbon collections set international standards, and range from moiré, to satin and super-satin ribbons suitable for thermal transfer computer printing. KragoART naturally offers you a floral ribbon accessory range unparalleled in scope.

Grief is a very personal matter. Yet even in this florist sector that demands muted reverence, using design, it is possible to set accents and engender new impulses to buy. This is likewise true for all other KragoART products we present to you here on our web site.